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Our love for cats began with our first kitten that was only with us for a few months due to her passing. This is when we decided not to live without a pet. So we bought Yamalia, a gorgeous Russian Blue and some time later Bob, a charming Siamese.

These became part of the family and our adoration. With each day our love for cats grew and the idea for a cattery took greater shape. We wanted a breed did not exist in Colombia that was striking, friendly and tender.

The Ocicat breed brought together the characteristics we were looking for. We spoke with Daedra Marshall a recognized breeder from the United States for her cattery Dreamsongcats, so as to acquire our female Kala. We likewise contacted Marketa Slamova, recognized in Europe for her cattery Regard Sauvage in the Czech Republic, so they could sell us Ovidius.

This is how we began in this world of cats, willing to give these marvelous pets lots of love and tenderness and share them with everyone who feels the same for our Ocicats.

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Our cats


    Thor is form USA ( Denver) He is very active, playful, loving and sweet. He is a grate male. The father of our last litter. and the champion of our cattery!


  • Mango Tango Kool Beans of Santa Ana.

    New male from US. He is extreamly sweet. . He is strong but calm and lovely!! We are so happy to have him at home


    We called him Richard Parker at home. His name is because he looks like a lion. He is very sweet and like to cuddle him.


    Happy, playful, alert and tender. She is form U.S. Comes  form DreamsongCat Cattery. Best mom ever!!!!


    Our new girl form Us is now at home... he is really big girl..and healthy!! We are very happy to be with here!!! 


  • Our new girl stay home to continue our breeding program!  is a lovely and big girl.


    Our precius Helga is a male chocolate spotted from our cattery. She is active, climb every where and sweet. Is heart of home.



    2 litters now!! 5 babies from GALADRIEL and 2 babies from KALA.   Pleaso if you need extra info, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  • Some pics of shows of this year with Thor and Odin! more than happy with results!!! Bouth are RW!!!!


  • This are some pics of people that have Ocicats at home. They are happy with them! 

  • This are some lovely pics at home of our cats with us in our home. recibing love and care!!! we love them with all our heart! 


  • The first cat of this breed appeared in the year 1964 when a breeder recognized by the CFA, Mrs. Virginia Daly of Michigan in the United States, came up with a plan to breed a Siamese with the characteristics of Abyssinian cats.

    The original breeding pair was a Siamese stud with hints of chocolate and a female Siamese from Abyssinian parents. One of the kittens from the litter was peppered in a very significant fashion. The unexpected result from the brood had the aspect and appearance of a wild ocelot and because of this Mrs. Daly’s daughter named it Ocicat. Since the cat did not fit into the plans for improvement it was sold for 10 dollars to a student as a pet and some time later castrated.

    The spotted cat became an instant sensation in the newspapers; this news came to the attention of geneticist Dr. Clyde Keeler from the University of Georgia, along with other interested cat breeders, decided to provide a new breed and in this manner garner status and recognition for the years to come.

  • The Ocicat is the largest of the shorthaired cat breeds, well proportioned, powerful and agile with all the typical aspects of mountain cats. Males can weigh between 7 and 8 kilos and 30cm in height at the shoulders.

    The head is cuneiform, its cranium is a modified wedge showing a slight curve from its mouth to its cheeks, with a visible increase, but softens from the bridge of its nose to its brow. Its markings are clear and defined which include its characteristic M Tabby at the front. It has wide, ample and a well-defined muzzle and with a hint of the perpendicularity and from a profile it shows good length and a strong chin.

    Large ears in an alert position. The Ocicat stands out because of its alluring almond eyes, which are large and slightly tilted upwards at the outer edges. Every color is permitted with the exception of blue. It has a long muscular and athletic body, long legs, its tail is rather long and easily stretches, it’s very slender and has a dark tip.

  • It’s short, soft, satiny and lustrous; all the hairs have stripes except the ones on the tip of the tail. The background color hairs have lighter tips, while the hairs inside the markings have darker tips, and the background color hairs tend to be a lighter tone. The drawing is a Spotted Tabby, although when shedding you can make out the markings less, you should be able to see them from any position. The ones on the face, legs and tail can be darker than those on the torso. All the colors should be clear and pleasing, the lighter tone can generally be found on the face around the eyes, chin and lower jaw. The darker color can be found on the tip of the tail thus reflecting the true coat of the original lineage.

    An Excellent Pet Even though the Ocicat may seem wild, its temperament is anything but fierce. It’s very similar to a dog in the sense that it’s very devoted to its owner. It is not demanding and is very extroverted with strangers. The Ocicat is sweet, tender, curious and playful. It’s extroverted with strangers even dogs. It loves to explore its surroundings and having many opportunities to climb. They are brilliant and have great ease to learn. Many can walk with a leash, respond to commands, easily adapt to household rules and get used to travelling. This is a breed that because of how social it is does not like being left alone for long periods of time. Easy to care for, it does not need special care aside from the essentials; an occasional bath and a light brushing. They do not have a history of medical ailments and their ample genetic background gives them vigor and vitality.

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